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Wintersoft Mitts $32

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Handknit! ... the white pair is Wintersoft in the mitt with hand-dyed CVM/angora used for the cuff. Likewise, the green pair is hand dyed CVM/Angora in the mitt with a Wintersoft cuff! If you know someone who is a mitten wearer and they have a special place in your heart, these are warm and practical rustic style ... I know many of us use two circulars or double points for in the round knitting. Moma's Mittens is a pattern I love for straights. Sewing seams that do not show unless you are looking, is a lost art! I remember spending a whole winter sewing and ripping until well, I conquered the challenge of a fine seam! They knit up fast! You can see the same pattern in Oatberry Mittens yet on the needles!
Mittens measure 9" long and 8.5" around the palm.

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