French/German Cross Angora Rabbits $65
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French/German Cross Angora Rabbits $65

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Our 2017 kits will be available soon!


 Our rabbitry will open Friday, April 7 and will be open every Friday afternoon from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. as long as we have kits available. These are beautiful rabbits both in breed and fiber with sweet personalities. They come in many different colors!

Like all animals, they require time and tender loving care. If you have not owned an Angora rabbit before and anticipate you may be purchasing one either for fiber or for a pet, we highly recommend reading The Little Angora Primer (please see our link to this booklet) before you purchase a bunny to help introduce you to the care and needs of these beautiful, sweet creatures. We want you and your new rabbit to enjoy many happy years together! 

This photo session is over and it's naptime! To inquire further, please email us at to answer any questions you may have!

We will take your name and contact information through our email if you would like us to know you are interested in purchasing a rabbit. We do require a deposit of $25 to hold a rabbit for you!