Angora Hybrid Rabbits

Many beautiful rabbits come from cross breeding German, French and English Angora rabbits! This is just a sampling of what these rabbits can look like. Each cross is unique and we will keep pictures updated through our season.
Like all animals, these bunnies require time and tender loving care. If you have not owned an Angora rabbit before and anticipate you may be purchasing a kit or older rabbit either for fiber or as a pet, we highly recommend reading The Little Angora Primer (Home pagebefore you purchase a bunny. You will find all the information you need to introduce you to caring for these beautiful and sweet creatures. We want you and your rabbit to enjoy many happy years together! 
French Apricot, Ruby-Eyed White, Black and Chocolate Broken two months old
Apricot French two months old
Ruby-Eyed White German Adult Doe
Chestnut Agouti, Ruby-Eyed White and Fawn Agouti
Chocolate kit three weeks old just starting to feed on hay bits!
Mother and Daughter
Grandmother and Grandaughter
From the rabbit, into yarn from the farm!