About Us

Angora Gardens Knitting Staff
Angora Gardens was established in 2005 with the purchase of two beautiful Corriedale ewes and their lambs. One year later we added one Angora doe and one Angora buck. Needless to say, this did not begin as a business venture. Small beginnings lead to surprises!


Lo and behold, we grew to have so much wool we could take it to the fiber mill. It is quite a different skein that comes from the farm and through the mill. The yarn is not manufactured and is beautifully different. Some of the yarns will knit up into a soft rustic type of mitten. Some come out elegantly as in our Lacey-Willow Scarf pattern and somewhere in each skein there will be a small piece of hay or straw that makes it authentic!

My own dear mother was my knitting inspiration. She taught me, little by little, stitch by stitch until I began to teach my own daughters and a son too! The next, natural step was to find a way to create our own yarn with the wool we were harvesting from our own sheep and rabbits. I learned to spin through the Minnesota Weaver’s Guild and have graduated to be able to offer spinning lessons. Handspun yarns are very beautiful. This is really an old world art taking old world time. Spinning and knitting are very relaxing – and wonderful ways to make love tangible. There is a deep joy in keeping your family warm, especially in Minnesota, with beautiful, soft, hand knits. It is also a wonderful way for mothers to anticipate the birth of a new baby or grandmothers a new grandchild and create a beautiful heirloom.

Please feel free to call if you have questions about our yarns or rabbits. We are happy to share these joys with you! Warm regards from our family.