Gorgeous German/French/English Hybrid Angora Rabbits $50

If you love little sweet creatures, the kind you see in storybooks or, perhaps you are a knitter or spinner who loves wool and fiber and would like to harvest your own, these lovely German, French, and English Hybrid Angora Rabbits are wonder-filled! These bunnies are lovely for house pets, easily litter box trained. They are pure happiness for children and when loved, they quite love back! We've been raising rabbits since 2005 and only become more attached to their sweet temperaments and beautiful wool.
We have rabbits year round and you can call or contact us anytime to see what is currently available at angoragardens@gmail.com. Let us know how we can help if you have any questions in general or would just like to know more about them! Enjoy the captures of living sweetness!
These bunnies are what we currently have available from five new litters for summer 2018!