Three Little Pigs?

We often do have (more than) three little pigs in our kitchen when they are born during the cold months! Gratefully, they only need warming up and go right back out to their barn and mother. These three little rabbits have been in the basement of our home since they were born ~ I know ~ shocking! But they would never have survived the Minnesota temperatures even in April (we have a new expectant doe in the basement just yesterday!).

On a little road trip just recently, I passed something I’d never seen before in Minnesota, my dream house. It was ancient and falling apart, but it had a small barn attached to the house. Someone who came from an older world culture built this house and barn together and all I could think was how ideal it would be. We’re talking just a few animals, of course, maybe a milk cow, or a sow … but how efficient to have more chores in such proximity … I know, it’s a little fairytaleish, and I am not a farmer, just married to one. For all I know that little house with an attached barn may have been the downfall of the family who occupied it, which is why it stands in disarray today ~ I wouldn’t choose to live that close to animals, but I sometimes dream of ways other than trudging through three feet of snow, carrying baskets of rabbits, falling flat on my back, looking at the stars wondering why.oh.why are we doing this ~ astronomy wasn’t the goal …

These Three Little Rabbits (and more) are here safe and sound, in beautiful colors, are in the barn where they belong now and will be going to Shepherd’s Harvest in Lake Elmo this year on May 15 – 17, 2015! Come join us! The miracle of spring has come once again to Minnesota ~ and I would never have taken the time to look at the stars unless I was forced to under the circumstances … a season for everything under the Heavens!

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