Shepherds Harvest

This past week-end was our little family vacation!  We leave the farm for two days and get to work harder than ever, but it’s sheer joy!  All hands are on deck, the kids kindly tend the till while I sneak off and meet neighbors and friends with their harvested goods!  If you’ve never been to Shepherd’s Harvest in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, we highly recommend it!  It’s a wonderful family day or week-end.  There are all kinds of wool animals and crafters, from spinners to mills that spin to every kind of needlework that exists, I would think.


A little Torte Boy

This little guy was scooped up practically the first hour we were open …  You can see he is crossbred French with clean ears and his peach color is from his Papa ~ all of our bunnies went to good people who really loved being able to care for one of their own!


Knitter’s Balm and Maple Syrup

Customers also scooped up our new Knitter’s Balm ~ everyone seemed to appreciate the healing as well as calming essential oils and herbs that came together in this special homemade recipe.

Maple Syrup sat right next to the harvested wool and we sold our last jar.  We will bring more next year!



Cocoa Bean (Sweet Pea Baby Mitts) was a favorite yarn, and I do have one favorite story that I brought home.  A very nice gentleman approached me and asked, “Would you have 13 skeins of Oatmeal?  I’m a big guy and I want a Fisherman’s Sweater.”  I was so happy someone would make such a nice sweater with Oatmeal.  My heart, however, fell when I realized we only had 8 skeins left ~ I could feel his disappointment and it stayed with me awhile.  I’m so used to sending people off with a smile ~ so I did take his name.  We will have more Oatmeal next year and it was quite a joy to think of having someone make a beautiful Fisherman’s Sweater out of our yarn.

All in All, it was a grace-filled week-end!


Hard working crew!




Hardly working crew!

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