My Stash

Mary Lou Hubly

Stash is just knitting vocabulary for  …  one extra skein from a project, one skein just too beautiful to knit, it’s there just to look at and all these extras through the years that grow into a very nice boxful of wonderful yarns to dip into without having to leave the house!

My ‘stash’ looks a little different …  !  It looks like this!

When I put all these siblings together (and there are two under the chair you can’t see!), all I could think of was what a nice stash we have here.  I can go to the barn anytime I want and blend colors that are still on the rabbit.  I can card it up with some beautiful Corriedale wool and spin it into yarn ~ kind of like a soda fountain …  pick your flavors and put a little cherry from the garden on top!

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