Magnolia's Summer

Mary Lou Hubly French Angora Rabbits Magnolia Summer litter

Can you imagine wearing a wool coat in ninety degrees with humidity off the charts? The word Minnesota comforts no one in the heat of our summers :) Even with fans on and cold water in their crocks, their ears jiggle to keep them cool. If I notice a bunny with a wet nose, I put a cold washcloth on his/her ears to cool them down. We even emergency bathed a courageous German rabbit in water one day, he just couldn't take the heat. It cured his melt down!
So, one picture is worth 1,000 words!
This beautiful French Broken Blue mother (in the middle) had her litter early this summer. Four boys! Three girls! These are two of her boys Ignatius and Isidore. We've loved watching them grow and the way she mothered them.
She has two more handsome sons, Augustine and Dieter who, with all her babies, are so attached to her. Her kits are almost three months old now and still nursing which is unusual. It's a sight to see her babies on their backs underneath her while she grooms them ... they take up the whole 30" x 36" cage with 20 some paws up in the air :) She never hops away, but waits until they finish. She's really a storybook mother rabbit.
For now, she's a blog post mother rabbit.
Now we are in the dog days of summer. This is Magnolia's daughter Maggie. Perfect, yes? Yes! These beautiful rabbits are ready and available for purchase. Let us know if you would like us to hold one for you!

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