Lambs, Wool and a Grateful Heart

Mary Lou Hubly

This is one of my very favorite pictures of the little Jesus feeding a tiny lamb with his Mother ~  It is special because it was a gift to me from my city sister whose very sweet children were coming to visit the farm.  We met to fetch nieces and nephews and went shopping before we all headed for home.  While shopping, we came across this beautiful framed print and she said, “Would you rather have grocery money or this picture?” … This picture is on my wall and no one went hungry because of it!

I am not a real shepherd, we simply have a few sheep that are dear to me and who donate their wonderful wool to our garden.  Bird nests here are all filled with wool either from the rabbits or the sheep!  

We all need the love of God in our lives and through earthly goods.  I look at a bag of wool ~ sheep, lamb, rabbit or otherwise and feel so grateful for the gift of warmth, the gift of participating in God’s creative nature and the sweetness of a little flock or baby bunnies.  Chores here always conclude with a deeply grateful heart for so much love in our lives.  I love to think Mary must have diapered Him in a wool soaker!


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