Knitting Tittle~Tattle

I am not a master knitter.  I learned the basics from my mom and can do the simple things fairly well.  With that said, I would like to offer some knitting tips and helps that come to mind as well as offer you fellow knitters a chance to share your own knitting expertise and insights.  The internet is certainly the place to go for any knitting questions and find endless helps and directions.

Here though, is a place to simply share stories, what works for you, how you learned to knit, etc..  What fibers or patterns do you love? ~ What pops into your mind as that one thing you wish you could share in a knitting circle.  Perhaps even a good book (and not necessarily on knitting!). This is simply an open invitation to offer your own ‘Knitting Tittle Tattle’ ~ and share it with us.  Feel free … send pictures to publish, patterns you love, stories poems, any creative gifts or talents.

Below is a picture of a cable mitten pattern called Beaded Cable Mittens #129 from Friends of Cabin Fever.  These were knit by a very sweet lady who wears her hair in a bun with small knitting needles to hold it in place.  She graciously offered to do this “way too difficult”  pattern for me with our yarn.  She has a perfected stitch I try but fail to imitate!  For most of us, knitting skill grows slowly ~ knitting love grow steadily!  Please share your Knitting Tittle~Tattle …

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