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With the addition of purebred French rabbits to cross breed with our Germans, we've enjoyed lovely colors we've never had before. French are known for producing multi-colored rabbits! And, since we aren't the professional show rabbit breeders, the genetic code for breeding color is beyond us . As we crossbreed for size and wool, we are always surprised when we have a lilac, sable, blue or broken! Only when we breed white to white do we know for certain the color we will have ... white!
Gretchen is a really wonderful mother ... all our mothers this year were exceptional. These little ones are six weeks old and by now are running circles around her. Two more weeks and she can rest in peace :) Gretchen is a German/French/English cross and was bred to Isidore our purebred French Buck. These babies are everything beautiful! Please use our contact form if you'd like to be on Gretchen's waiting list!


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