Four Generations of Knitting Needles

Mary Lou Hubly

Great Grandma, Grandma,  Mom and I  =  four generations of knitting needles!  This bucket contains every length, every size, some single without a mate, some well used, mostly the dime store variety.  I was the oldest grandchild and so inherited the collection of needles. For years they just sat in a nice box.  Every so often, I would look at them and they would look at me.  Inspiration came slowly, but as the years passed, I decided to see if I could make a pair out of the collection and looked at a few knitting patterns …

So it happened.  The knitting began and continues.  Gram would make us little vests, Mom made beautiful sweaters and afghans.  I try small things and often wish my knitting teacher, Mom, lived closer to help me through a row of ten different types of stitches.  We do this when we are together.  We end up laughing through my tears because I’m usually inside out and upside down with a pattern, but she figures out my mistakes so we can keep going.    I do think Angora Gardens came from the seed that is in that bucket of generations of knitting needles.

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