Dark Chocolate or Chocolate

I gently lined these new bunnies up, said, “Stay”, smoothed their ears and here they are!  So sweet! They are four weeks old and we’re taming them as they run circles around their Mother. 

We have two litters ready to go the week of Mother’s Day. Although all of these little ones are already spoken for on our waiting list, we have a white litter and two more Chocolate/Black litters coming. If you are interested, please e-mail us to be put on the new waiting list for our future litters this spring and summer. We already have folks on it, and of course, you are never obligated, but if you are interested, they go quickly! For all of you who are on our waiting list and are subscribed to our blog, you may contact us to pick up your bunny(s) the week of May 8 – 14 ! We will personally be e-mailing all of you! Thank you for all of your interest and sharing! You new Angora Rabbit owners will receive a free copy of The Little Angora Primer.

I love dark chocolate myself, mmmmmm (daily? yes daily!)! But when it comes to bunny colors, these are all high calorie, yummy and their wool will be gorgeous!

  • Thanks for visiting! Looking so forward to giving these lovely rabbits to special people!

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