Bundle of Bunnies

Here is  a beautiful, two day old litter of eight kits!  Baby rabbits are usually delivered  in about ten minutes from start to finish.  We rarely catch a live birth, because they are so quick.  We do love watching a mother doe prepare her nest by scooping mouthfuls of straw into the nesting box and plucking her own wool to deposit her babies in.

This is what it all looks like!

They do not have any hair, yet grow it in quickly within a matter of days.  They eat and sleep and keep each other warm.  The doe will feed them only about once or twice in twenty-four hours!  Then she will cover them with her wool and ‘blanket’ them to keep them warm! They grow daily.  Their eyes open at around ten days old. They begin to hop out of the nest when they are about 2 – 3 weeks old.  Best of all, they prove their love for their mama by sleeping on top of her even after they are weaned!  We never tire of watching this process.  The little pink kits will be white, the gray kits are agouti, and down in this nest is a ‘little brown hare’ runt trying to hold his own amongst the brothers and sisters.  Check back for periodic pictures of this growing litter, sons and daughters of JoAnna and Johann ~  …  (to be continued!)

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