Before and After

Mary Lou Hubly

Shearing rabbits is in full swing ~ I am always surprised at how much wool one little rabbit gives.  I kind of wish my hair grew this fast, or maybe I’m glad it doesn’t? …  This is a sweet chocolate doe who gives a wool that has a beautiful dark guard hair.  So when you see yarn with that little dark thread amongst the lovely light wool, just heathered, this is where it comes from …

She very tenderly gave up her coat to me.  She is used to shearing and doesn’t mind ~ I massage the rabbits a little after I shear them.  I think they must feel good to be a little freer to move about and hop without the heaviness …  Can you see how little these rabbits really are? … Yet noble either way!

Her name ~ Julitta ~ after a martyr from early Christianity who gave up more than her coat.


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